Colin Bowes is the best in the business – that’s why we’ve ended up making more than 100 shows together.


Gold Rush is one of the highest rating shows on Discovery Channel and our needs have developed exponentially over the past four years.


A Bigger Picture has grown with Gold Rush. Starting with sound and comms on a single shoot, they now set up satellite connections, audio systems for recording 10 contributors simultaneously, remote powered and controlled minicams, and complex radio comms systems across hundreds of miles of mountains in the most remote parts of the Yukon, Alaska and the Guyanese rainforest.


No matter what we throw at them, A Bigger Picture continues to exceed our expectations.

James Bates, executive producer of Gold Rush

Colin Bowes and his team are the technical wizards of Gold Rush. The whole shooting team relies on them for consistent technical expertise over a six month-plus season in very harsh conditions.


Whether it is fixing a software problem on a camera in sub-zero temperatures or installing repeaters on mountain tops, ABP is always there.


We have come to rely on ABP to overcome various complications including walkie comms, digital input and uploading, broken cameras, and multiple channel sound gear. We have breakdowns, but we’re never out. Colin and his team always have the answer, and a spare. We’re fortunate to work with the best in the business.

Rob Toohey, unit production manager of Gold Rush

If you want things done quickly and efficiently, then A Bigger Picture is your answer.


Angela is key to the operation. She knows her way around the kit and compiles clear and precise kit lists – ready to go for carnet if need be – a great help when production is in a hurry!


Angela and Colin are quick and efficient, with a great ‘can do’ attitude. I would more than recommend their services.

Rosie Smith, junior production manager of Gold Rush

The staff at A Bigger Picture are masters of tackling complex production and technical problems and solving them in the most elegant, efficient and cost-effective way.


They make the impossible happen, especially in remote locations where the success of a project and even human lives are at stake. Quite simply, I could not do my job without them and much of the success of Gold Rush comes from their dedication, hard work and innovative thinking.

Edward Gorsuch, of Gold Rush

A Bigger Picture is a company I truly enjoy working with. The company’s positive attitude, meticulous research and vast knowledge of delivering technical solutions in difficult environments – from camera and sound to post production – has helped me produce high-quality television within a tight budget.


Our most recent collaboration was on Railroad Alaska, filmed in the middle of winter. I can honestly say that without Colin's preproduction planning and on-location tech support, the series would have struggled. Instead, it is Destination America's highest rating original format and has been recommissioned for a second season.

Craig Blackhurst, series producer of Railroad Alaska

A Bigger Picture has been my first port of call for all technical facilities – from comms, to audio, to on-site media processing – for the past five years.

Having access to a well-managed one-stop-shop like ABP has been a huge benefit, not only in terms of cost efficiency but also gives me peace of mind. The company has demonstrated excellent creative problem-solving skills in some of the most difficult locations.

Ronan Browne, location producer of Gold Rush

A Bigger Picture really does see the bigger picture. Offering a connected approach to equipment, communications, audio and location-based data management and processing, their bespoke solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of your shoot.


Unlike other companies who take an existing solution and try to bend your project round it, they work with the production to achieve your goals. Ultimately, this saves time on your shoot and post-production which means there is more money to spend on screen.

Luke Boyle, production manager of Alaska Railroad