Our Story

SOLOMONS COMMS1A Bigger Picture was specifically formed to bridge a gap in the market between office-based production staff and teams on location.


Thanks to its founders’ experience, the company provides a complete package incorporating both technical knowledge and communication systems to ensure productions run smoothly.  This extensive knowledge lets them see projects from all angles and identify any problems that may arise – whether administrative or technical – and adapt to changing conditions and needs.


Working hard behind the scenes, planning is a key feature of the company’s service – compiling workflows, carnet lists, and assessing what kit is required, before ordering, purchasing, packing and ensuring its safe delivery.


Even though much of the work is done before the cameras even start rolling, clients can also depend on continued support once shooting is  under way.


ABP climbs mountains and hangs out of helicopters.  It has been up-close and personal with sharks, slept in rainforests and flown into combat zones.  No two days are ever the same, and nor are any two productions for ABP…

Meet our founders

Colin Bowes / founder

I love solving problems. I know the kit inside-out and what works best where, so can have your production up and running in no time — even in the harshest of environments

Angela Preston / founder

Variety is the spice of life and the nature of my work.  From scorching heat to sub-zero temperatures, I am privileged to have worked in so many amazing locations.

If you want things done quickly and efficiently, then A Bigger Picture is your answer.

Rosie Smith, junior production manager of Gold Rush

The staff at A Bigger Picture are masters of tackling complex production and technical problems and solving them in the most elegant, efficient and cost-effective way.

Edward Gorsuch, of Gold Rush

Colin Bowes and his team are the technical wizards of Gold Rush.  The whole shooting team relies on them for consistent technical expertise over a six month-plus season in very harsh conditions.

Rob Toohey, unit production manager of Gold Rush

A Bigger Picture has been my first port of call for all technical facilities – from comms, to audio, to on-site media processing – for the past five years.

Ronan Browne, location producer of Gold Rush

A Bigger Picture is a company I truly enjoy working with. The company’s positive attitude, meticulous research and vast knowledge of delivering technical solutions in difficult environments – from camera and sound to post production – has helped me produce high-quality television within a tight budget.

Craig Blackhurst, series producer of Railroad Alaska

Colin Bowes is the best in the business – that’s why we’ve ended up making more than 100 shows together.

James Bates, executive producer of Gold Rush

A Bigger Picture really does see the bigger picture. Offering a connected approach to equipment, communications, audio and location-based data management and processing, their bespoke solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of your shoot.

Luke Boyle, production manager of Alaska Railroad